Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department has the following well-equipped laboratories:

CIM & Automation Laboratory : 

  • CIM & Automation Laboratory is used to train the students on CNC programming, simulation and machining. Extensive exposure is provided by using Computer Aided Machining packages like NCTurn 10, NCMill 10, CAPSTurn 10.0, CAPSMill 10.0 etc.


The Laboratories in the department provide the students an opportunity to learn Fundamental concepts related to Mechanical Engineering to Industrial application.

Computer Aided Modeling and Analysis : 

  • In Computer Aided Modeling and Analysis Lab, students learn to do finite element analysis for structural (linear, non-linear, dynamic, and modal analysis), thermal, and fluid problems using ANSYS software. Lab capacity is 25 (desktops and workstations) that are connected to a high-end server.

Computer Aided Modeling and Analysis
Heat and Mass Transfer Lab : 

  • Heat and mass transfer lab deals with the study of modes of heat transfer like conduction, convection, and radiation. The thermal conductivity of copper and composite material is determined and natural and forced convection of air over pipe is determined. Emissivity and Stefan Boltzmann constant for black surface is determined and performance test is conducted on Air conditioning and Refrigeration systems

Heat and Mass Transfer Lab

Fluid Machinery Lab : 

  • Fluid machinery laboratory deals with the study of fluid properties and their applications to different types of turbines and pumps. Students also observe their working principle and determine their efficiencies. Experiments are conducted to determine the friction loss in pipe during flow, impact of jet on vanes, etc.

Fluid Machinery Lab

Energy Conversion Lab : 

  • Energy conversion laboratory enable students to understand the concept of transformation of energy and the loss in useful energy. Students get hands on experience of the working principle of petrol and diesel engines, and performance test on both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines are conducted.

Energy Conversion Lab

Machine Shop Lab : 

  • Students gain a field level experience to operate various machine tools like lathe, shaper, milling, drilling, and grinding. They also observe the complex mechanism involved in each machine tool.

Machine Shop Lab

Metrology Measurement Lab : 

  • Students learn mechanical measurement techniques and processes encountered in industry. The basics of instrumentation techniques like calibration, precision, and accuracy of various mechanical measuring devices are demonstrated and explained to the students

Measurement Lab

Foundry and Forging Laboratory : 

  • Students prepare mould cavities using foundry sand. Apart from that sand testing is done, which gives clues for improving casting quality and also show how the bonding of clay with sand can change sand properties.

Foundry and Forging Laboratory

Metallographic and Material Testing Laboratory : 

  • The Material Testing Laboratory is equipped with destructive and non-destructive testing machines like UTM, impact and torsion testing machine, hardness and wear testing machine, and dye penetration. The mechanical properties of material in tension, compression, impact, torsion, bending, wear, and hardness are evaluated here.

Metallographic and Material Testing Laboratory

Computer Aided Engineering Drawing Laboratory : 

  • Design projects involving CAD tools constitute a major portion of the course. The department has the latest version of Solid Works for first year students. The CAD Laboratory has a total number of 60 computers (desktops and workstations) with the latest configurations connected to a high-end server through LAN. This lab is also used by the students and staff to work with the sophisticated 2-D and 3-D design and analysis software

Computer Aided Engineering Laboratory

Workshop Practice : 

  • Workshop practices are vital in the industry to produce products for the service of mankind. All engineering students are given theoretical and practical knowledge of workshop technology. They are especially trained in fitting and welding techniques.

Workshop Lab

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