Electronics & Communication Engineering Department Forum [EXCELTRON]

The EXCELTRON Student Forum was created in 2011, under the guidance of our Principal, Dr. Sridhara S. N. The EXCELTRON Students Forum, comprising of the students from the ECE department, was inaugurated on 24th February 2011, by Dr. Nagaraj R., HOD, ECE Dept, Oxford College of Engineering.
Main Objectives of Forum
  • To bring holistic development of students of the ECE Department through technical and cultural events.
  • To increase their exposure to the professional world by organizing expert lectures.
  • To organize Industrial Visits to places related to the ECE field.
  • To encourage Student projects related to ECE.
  • To organize Intra-department technical and non-technical competitions.


The EXCELTRON Students Forum, comprising the students of ECE Department conducted Technical events like Technical Talk, Technical Quiz and Mini Project Exhibition.

The forum for the year 2017 was inaugurated by

Mr. Gokul Dev, Application Engineer, Applied Real Tech System Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.

Dr. Sridhara S N, Principal/Director, KSSEM, Bangalore.

Dr. Girish V Attimarad, Professor and Head of Department of ECE, KSSEM, Bangalore.

Mr. Gokul Dev gave a Technical talk on “Basics of Vector Network Analyzers, EMI and EMC compliances in electronic components” on 31st March 2017.

The programme was coordinated by Mr. Manu D K, Associate Professor, Mr. Puneeth S, Assistant Professor and supported by all faculties of ECE Department.

Technical Quiz Competition

 Preliminary Round

 All the students of Second, Third and Fourth year of ECE Department took the Preliminary written test for the Technical Quiz Competition on 28th March 2017 from 2.30pm to 3.30pm.

Final Round

The final round of Technical Quiz was held on 1st April 2017 at 1.30pm with 24 short listed students comprised into Eight Teams. Three prizes were awarded as follows:

First Prize: Gaurang S Nayak, Yaznik Joshi Venkatraman, Arun Gowda (6th Sem)

Second Prize: Naveen T.R, Ranga Sai N, Ronit T.E (6th Sem)

Third Prize: Mohammad Yunus(4th Sem), Vatsala K.S, Urmila A.S (6th Sem)

Mini Project Exhibition:

Students of 4th semester and 6th semester exhibited their mini project on 1/4/2017  and list of projects exhibited are Water Level Indicator, Arduino based Alarm Clock, Light detector, Wireless Fire Alarm System, UV Sterilization using IOT, Compactable Weather Monitoring using IOT, Line Following and Obstacle avoiding Robot, Bluetooth Controlled Robot.

LabVIEW – 04/09/2014 – 05/09/2014

Department of Electronics and Communication engineering organized a 2day Workshop on LabVIEW, EVLSI II+, DAQ & URSP in association with Crane Software International Ltd & National Instruments. The Workshop was informally inaugurated by Dr. Fathima Jabeen , Prof & HOD, ECE Dept. , Dr. Aswatha Kumar M, Dean,  PG & Research & Mr. Sivakumar, Resource person from STAR com. Faculties from ECE, EEE & few faculties from other colleges also joined the programme.


Exceltron Inauguration 2014 – 2015

Exceltron was inaugurated by Dr. Fathima Jabeen, Prof & HOD, ECE on 20-08-2014. During this occasion a quiz competition was conducted for the students of ECE department in which 1st semester ‘D’ section students team by name 4 idiots (Gaurang Nayak, Naveen P K, Yaznik Joshi, Charan C R) won the first place.


Robotryst -12/02/2014 – 13/02/2014

Department of Electronics and Communication engineering organized a 2day Workshop on Robotics, ROBOTRYST-2014 in association with Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Five groups from our college won the first level of Competition and went to IIT Delhi for the second round.


Technical Talk – 10/08/2012

The Electronics and Communication Department organized expert lecture on Research opportunities in ABROAD on 10/08/2012 at the K.S.School of Engineering and Technology in seminar hall. The chief guest for the program was Dr. Guru Subramanyam along with Dr. S.N. Sridhara (Principal,KSSEM), and Dr. Natarajan, Head of the Electrical and Electronics Dept.

Forum 1

Technical Talk – 16/08/2012

Forum 1

Vybhav Mishram gave a talk on Nano technology – 16/08/2012

Excetron Inauguration

Forum 1

Mrs.Jayashree B Mallapur visited ECE dept & Inagaurated the student forum on- 22/08/2012


A two-day National Symposium on “Research Methodologies” was organized by Department of Electronics and communication Engineering, KSSEM, Bangalore. Sri S R Naidu, Secretary Kammavari Sangham ,Dr R Nagaraj. Principal, the Oxford College of Engineering Bangalore, Dr C P Ravikumar, Technical Director of university Relations, Texas Instruments, Bangalore,Sri K Subramanyam Naidu, Dr S N Sridhara Principal & Director were present to grace the occassion.

Forum 1
Forum 1


Dr. Vaibhav Meshram was the Keynote Speaker for the first day of National Symposium on “Research Methodologies”. He emphasized the importance of Nano Technology and their Applications. Dr. S.A. HariPrasad. Associate Prof., of R V college of Engineering gave a talk on Research methodologies, how to find out the problems in research areas and preparation of abstract, writing papers, etc.

Forum 1


Dr. S.N Sridhara , Principal and Director of KSSEM was the Keynote Speaker for the Second day of National Symposium on “Research Methodologies”. He emphasized the importance of Research methodologies and Motivation for research, and discussed about the types of research areas and their Applications . Dr. B.P. Harish Associate Prof., UVCE, gave a talk on Nano electronics and discussed about the challenges and opportunities in Nano electronics.

Forum 1

Dr. S.N. Sridhara and Dr. B.P. Harish addressing the Delegates.

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