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Civil Engineering Department Forum [ARCVIL]

ARCVIL To foster the talents of Young Civil engineering students, we the students of civil engineering of KSSE initiated to open their very own technical forum called ARCVIL. The name ARCVIL is aiming at technical gathering, innovation, hard work and lots of fun!

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Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department Forum – DELTRONE

The Students Forum, comprising of the students from the Electrical and Electronics Engineering department, was inaugurated on 28th February 2011, with the vision of bringing in holistic development of the students through technical Seminars/workshops, cultural and extracurricular activities. The forum kick-started their enterprising activities with a guest lecture by Sri S. Ravindra Rao, an industrialist, followed by various techno –cultural events for the students.

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Computer Science & Engineering Department Forum - ENCRYPTONITES

Department of Computer Science & Engineering, KSSEM has inaugurated 7th Encryptonites Forum on 4th March 2017. Encryptonites forum enables students to enrich their knowledge about new technology, innovations and Research in the field of Computer science.

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Mechanical Engineering Department Forum – MECHTRIX

The department had inaugurated the Logo of Mechtrix Forum by our beloved principal Dr. S N Shridhara on 13th September, 2011. This program was arranged along with fresher party; welcoming the first year students. The Forum aim is to support students with skills enabling them to be productive in Co-Curricular activities, the “MECHTRIX” was inaugurated on 23rd February, 2011. Our Beloved principal Dr. Sridhara S N inaugurated the forum. 

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Electronics & Communication Engineering Department Forum – EXCELTRON

The EXCELTRON Students Forum, comprising the students of ECE Department conducted Technical events like Technical Talk, Technical Quiz and Mini Project Exhibition. The forum for the year 2017 was inaugurated by Mr. Gokul Dev, Application Engineer, Applied Real Tech System Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, Dr. Sridhara S N, Principal/Director, KSSEM, Bangalore.

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Master Of Business Administration(MBA) Forum – ADHAR

Aadhar was inaugurated on 25th Feb 2011 by Dr. Sreenivas D L. He gave a brief session to the students about various options and their choice for their career path. After this session students conducted Business Quiz, Management Games etc.

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