Mechanical Engineering Department Forum [MECHTRIX]

MECHTRIX As per the quotation “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world”, the power of imagination is infinitely more valuable than our limited knowledge now and forever, you might think. This Mechtrix forum provides a plat form to organize activities, to increases the creativity and imagination skills of the students, thereby helping them in developing innovative ideas.

Mechanical Engineering Department Forum – MECHTRIX

Main Objectives of Forum
  • To conduct workshops, seminars, industrial visits and specialized engineering training to meet the current and emerging needs of the society..
  • To support students in applying creative thinking and design techniques to interdisciplinary design processes based on mechanical engineering
  • To increase communication skill of the students so that they can share their ideas with others and to cooperate, thus establishing the leadership to manage the organization effectively .
  • To enhance their open-minds and positively critic spirits to recognize social and ethical responsibilities for what they have researched and developed.
  • To acknowledge international role of engineers in the global society, and develop the leadership for industrial, academic and research institutes.



Technical Forum – MECHTRIX
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Vision aims to maintain the high level of interaction between the students and the faculty members. To organize technical sessions, workshops and through a close tie-up with the industry also to assist in managing the resources and labs of the department.


Contribute to development of student community of researchers in educational and cultural evaluation for both theory and practical knowledge.


To provide superior quality in term of studies and services by sharing team spirit and working cohesively.


The Forum “Encryptonites” is very useful in achieving the mission of the department. The main objectives of the forum are

  • Establishing discussions with faculty and students
  • Industrial Visits
  • Technical Talks by the experts in the emerging fields of Mechanical Engineering
  • Projects related to our syllabus
  • Industry- Institute Interaction
  • Intra department competitions

Industrial Visit to Stove Craft Appliances Private Ltd-2017

 The Students of 5th Semester Mechanical Engineering visited Stovekraft Private Limited, a Kitchen appliances manufacturing company located at Harohalli Industrial Area, Ramanagara District on 23rd October 2017 accompanied by Mr Vinod A, Assistant Professor and Mr Karthik B Assistant Professor from the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Inauguration Of MECHTRIX Logo

The department had inaugurated the Logo of Mechtrix Forum by our beloved principal Dr. S N Shridhara on 13th September, 2011. This program was arranged along with fresher party; welcoming the first year students.

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Report on Inauguration of MECHTRIX

With the aim to support students with skills enabling them to be productive in Co-Curricular activities, the “MECHTRIX” was inaugurated on 23rd February, 2011. Our Beloved principal Dr. Sridhara S N inaugurated the forum. Prof. Manjunath R delivered a talk on “Introduction to CAD/CAM” during this function.

Forum 3

Forum 3

Seminar on Drafting Software by CADD-CENTRE Bangalore

The CADD-Centre, Bangalore gave a talk on “Introduction to CAD/CAM” for our students on 29th April, 2011. This programme was organized under the banner “MECHTRIX”, Forum of Mechanical Engineering Students of KSGI (KSSEM).

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The talk included the brief introduction to industry, their activities and product life cycle. The discussion with the resource persons highlighted requirement of Automation in industry and its usefulness. Students interacted with resource persons got exposed to role of CAD/CAM in industries.

Technical Talk by Prof. Mukunda P G

Prof. P.G Mukunda, former Professor and Head, Department of Materials and Metallurgical Department, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur visited our Institution on 17th August, 2011 to deliver a talk on “Application of Material Science”. He inspired the students and staff by giving lively and comprehensive introduction about Material Science and its emerging trends in Powder Metallurgy, Composite materials and implementation of Material Science in the present scenario.

Forum 3

Forum 3

Visit to AUTO EXPO

Our students had visited “Auto Expo” at Palace Ground, Bangalore on 27th August, 2011. The students interacted with various companies about manufacturing of cars, latest technology and economics.

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Model Exhibition by higher Semester Students was held on 3rd September 2012.

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Under MECTRIX FOURM Technical Talk on “ADVANCED MANUFACTURING PROCESSES EQUIPPED FOR SATELLITE PROPULSION SYSTEM” was given by MR. D. GANGADHAR, General Manager IFAB, Liquid propulsion Systems Centre, ISRO Bangalore on 22nd September 2012.

INDUSTRY CONNECT SESSION under MECTRIX FOURM was held on 4th October for the Mechanical students by VIJAYASIMHA SK, CEO – Akuva Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

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Mechanical students of 3rd semester under MECTRIX FOURM had industrial visit to VISL – SAIL, Bhadravati on 13th October 2012.

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Under MECTRIX FORUM, the 4th semester students of Mechanical Engineering had an industrial visit to M/s Electroplasts Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, on 15th February 2013.

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In collaboration with KSIT, Aero modelling club was inaugurated at KSSEM campus on 6/11/12, this included the flying of UMV air crafts. One day seminar was organised for the members of Aero modelling club regarding the basic concepts and terminology involved in Aero modelling.

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Inauguration of Students Chapter of INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERS, India (IEI)

Mechanical Department has started the student’s chapter of Institute of Engineers, India (IEI).Dr.Wooday.P.Krishna, chairman, IEI Karnataka, inaugurated the chapter on 6/11/12 at KSSEM campus. The main aim of this student’s chapter is to provide students Engineering projects, Organise National and International Paper presentation, Technical Events Etc.

Mechanical students of 6th Semester under MECTRIX FORUM had a technical talk on “Fabrication Techniques for Pressure Vessel and Non-destructive Inspection Techniques” on 1st March 2013, by R.A.S.Vasan Managing Director Weldaids Private Limited, Bangalore.

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Mechanical students of 6th semester under MECTRIX FORUM had an industrial visit to Malabar Cement industryin Palakkad, Kerala from 27th-31st March 2013 . Students learnt about manufacturing process of Ordinary Portland Cement and Pozzolans Cement, got Exposed to various Material Handling Equipment’s used , Heat Treatment Process carried out in the plant etc.

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Under MECTRIX FORUM, National Conference “Advances in Mechanical Engineering AME-2013” was organized on 11th and 12th November 2013.

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An industrial visit cum excursion was organized for 4th semester students of Mechanical Engineering under MECHTRIX FOURM to Kerala from 9-02-2014 to 13-2-2014 .Students visited places like Eddakal caves, Soojipara falls, places of Cochin, Cherai beach, Traco cables Pvt. Ltd., Taekady and Munnar.

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Industrial Visit – Solar Power Plant

Under MECHTRIX Forum ,5th semester students of Mechanical Engineering had an Industrial visit to – Solar Power Plant at Belkavadi village, Mandya District in Karnataka on 22nd Sept 2014.Students Learnt how the power is been generated using Solar photovoltaic technology, functions of Power Conditioning Unit, Inverters and SCADA system used to monitor the parameters like; Solar radiation using Pyranometer, daily power output, transformer efficiency, Photovoltaic panel efficiency, inverter efficiency etc. Students also saw a bird view of Hydel Power station.mechtrix


Students of 5th semester accompanied by Mr. Prashanth . J, visited ACE Designers Limited under MECHTRIX forum on 20th October 2015. ACE designers Limited has become India’s largest manufacturer of CNC turning centres and has remained the undisputed leader for nearly two decades. With a strategic focus on manufacturing of CNC turning centres, Ace has developed a wide range of indigenous cost effective products to meet the changing needs of its customers.


Students of 7th Semester Mechanical Engineering visited Sharavathi Hydro-Electric Power Generation Plant on October 9th 2015. The Sharavathi Hydro Electric Project is today the backbone of Karnataka’s power generating arsenal. The Sharavathi Generating Station with its 10 Units has an installed capacity of 1035 MW The unique feature of the Sharavathi Project is the establishment of 1035 MW resource under one roof, with an annual yield of 5000 MU.The project has equipment from US, Canada, France, Japan and other specified markets. The students got a closer view of the power generation unit and understood the working of hydroelectric power plant.



Under MECHTRIX FORUM a talk was organized for students of 3rd semester Mechanical Engineering on 26th September 2015. The Key note speaker was Dr T. Ram Prabhu, Assistant Director / Scientist (Materials and Manufacturing Processes), Defence R&D Organization (DRDO), Bangalore. The talk on “Materials and Manufacturing Processes” was extra-ordinarily very simple and understandable for the students. In fact, it ignited the fire of research among our students and made them use technical websites for downloading useful technical papers.

MECHTRIX FORUM -Technical Talk for BE 6th Semester Students


Under MECHTRIX FORUM A technical talk was organized on 19th March 2016 for the students of BE 6th semester, Mechanical Engineering. The talk was delivered by Mr. Nagesh G, Engineer ‘SE’, Laboratory for Electro-Optics Systems, ISRO on a brief introduction to the “Laboratory for Electro-optics Systems”, situated at Peenya, Bangalore, where the first Indian Satellite Aryabhata was fabricated in 1975. Laboratory for electro-optic systems (LEOS) is responsible for the development and supply of electro-optic systems and camera optics  for satellites and launch vehicles. Major areas of activity at LEOS are Electro-optical sensors for spacecraft control Optical systems for space borne imaging in remote sensing, cartography and scientific studies.  Various topics like requirements of Attitude Control, Attitude Control systems, general sensor instrumentation, space instrumentation, Electro-Optic sensors like earth sensors-various types, sun sensors-various types, star sensors, sensor electronics package for signal processing fiber-optic gyro, MEMS sensors were detailed to the students.

NCAME 2016


Mechanical Engineering Department at KSSEM takes pride to have organized the national conference on “Advances in Mechanical Engineering” for the fourth consecutive year since its inception in 2010 with the mission to provide a platform for the quality research to be publicized and published to the global audience. Around 28 papers were presented on various innovative researches and project works carried out by both students and faculty members from various Engineering Institutes of Karnataka. The key note talk delivered by Mr. M. Mohan, Senior Scientist, Fatigue & Structural Integrity Group, Structural Technologies Division, CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories on the topic “Design, development and certification of an Aircraft” was an insight on detailed structural testing facilities available at NAL.

Orientation Programme for 1st Year Students-August 2017

From 8.40Am -9.45 Am, session was engaged by Dr. Shailesh Rao A, where he gave introduction about Mechanical Branch, Mechanical Dept, Teaching Faculty and non-Teaching Faculty. Rules and Regulation the students should follow.

From 9.45-10.45 Am, Dr Jyothi P N engaged the session, during which students were made to introduce themselves to their classmates. Teams were made and students were asked to know their team mates names, their strength and weakness. Quiz Programme was conducted with questions related to college and dept. Winner were given chocolate. (This session was only to see that friendly environment was created between the students and to know each other)

From 10.45 -12.40 PM Mathematics session, where Mathematics basics were discussed by Mathematics faculty.

From 1.20-2.20PM, the session was engaged by Dr Jyothi P N Dept quiz Programme was continued for half an hour. Motivational videos were shown (related to everyday efforts, Disability and hard work) and the reason behind showing the video was discussed with the students, (this session was only to motivate the students and understand the results of everyday efforts)

From 2.20 -3.40PM, the session was engaged by Mr Hareesh, he gave introduction about subjects the students are going to study in first year and he introduced all the labs in the department to students.







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